3 June 2020

Emission-free transport!

We fully support the electrification of inland navigation and the initiative of ZES.

And we have found an efficient solution to green maritime shipping as well:

With our energy management system, we can save 50% on fuel and through our modular design we can achieve zero emission!

Èta’s efficiency lies in the reduction of the need for energy, autonomy, predictable maintenance and a much simpler engine room.

There is no main engine, but an electric motor for which three diesel generators are currently available. We can easily change over to other fuels, such as ammonia or methanol. Moreover, it is possible to plug in a container with any sustainable power source, for example hydrogen. This makes it practicable to sail completely or partially emission-free without generators. It is also possible to plug in a small fuel cell, so that we can enter the port emission-free or lie at the dock emission-free.




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