Why Èta Shipping

Sam Gombra has been driven by the ambition to innovate the established shipping industry for more than ten years:

A new ship for a new future!

The development of this ambition already started while Sam was still managing his previous shipping company ForestWave Navigation.

In September 2019 Sam decided, in consultation with ForestWave Navigation, it was time to fully devote himself to accomplishing his goal, and so he founded Èta Shipping.

However, Èta Shipping and ForestWave Navigation will be cooperating in the near future.


A new ship for a new future

Èta Shipping has developed and refined an efficient and modular ship design.

It includes the latest technical and operational developments, which it combines with the necessary flexibility to always adapt to future developments and stay “state of the art”. The superior efficiency among other things achieved by applying a number of autonomous processes in the ship’s operations.


Efficiency through better cargo handling.

Efficiency through savings on fuel consumption, crew costs and maintenance.

Efficiency through a modular design, using ‘proven technology’.


Our ships will have superior earning capacity because the box shaped cargo holds can accommodate project cargoes such as wind turbine blades. In addition, the holds are prepared for full tween decks and have 4 moveable bulkheads/tween decks.

Every ton of fuel NOT burnt because of more efficient propulsion and operations saves carbon emissions, which therefore these do not need to be captured or compensated. Also, more efficient operations lead to savings in crew- and maintenance costs.

A modular design makes it possible to easily adjust the ship to the ever-developing demands and technical possibilities.

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Our principal criteria:

  • Low environmental footprint
  • Maximum reduction of energy requirement on board
  • Maximum reduction of fossil fuel
  • Highest possible efficiency in operation and maintenance
  • OPEX reduction
  • Reduction of fuel costs
  • Optimal safety
  • Reduction of port costs
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